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Rabidkitty Sims 2

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Additional Info on Cheat Codes

Additional Notes on the Tombstone of LoD: Your sims can become pregnant by other sims on the lot (adult sims), they can get pregnant with an alien baby, they can be killed by flies or give death token, more to come. 
Speculation: There have been rumors that if you enter twinzr2cute or twinsr2cute you get twins.  I tried it one time and got twins, but any other time I haven't. Maybe it was a fluke. Then again I was also running TS2U when I did it and got alien twin boys.
Reality: Maxis said there was no cheat for twins. Its just the luck of the draw, a 50/50 chance. In the meantime, MTS2 I believe has some kind of hack to get twins, triplets and quadruplets.

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