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Rabidkitty Sims 2

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How To Make Jean Capris

Click on the thumbnails for a bigger view of each picture.

I used Paint Shop Pro 8 for my picture editing, and the adult female jeans and capri pants for this tutorial. Also note that while The Body Shop is open, F3 can be used for free camera zoom and F6 changes the model's pose to having their arms straight out. After the instructions, is the picture that correlates with it.

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open the file named: bottom~stdMatBaseTextureName_alpha            in your paint program


click on the magic wand tool
then click on the white
space on the first part of the capris


Go to Selections, then click Invert


Now go to the Edit tab, click copy
Then you'll want to open the file
from the folder for the adult female jeans


Edit - Paste - Paste As Transparent Selection


move the item until it matches up with the jeans


Selections - Invert


fill in the shoes with black along with any other lines and remove the mask, because we don't want to add it to the capris

click on black space with magic wand tool


Selections - Invert


Edit - Copy

go to your original capris, Edit - Paste - Paste As New Selection, move into position over old capris, remove mask

save your new capri file over the old one, but don't close the window for it as you may need to do more editing



open TS2 Body Shop, then create parts, then load saved project, then open your new capri file

turn it all the way around to make sure there isn't anything showing that should/shouldn't


If you are happy with the way it looks then close out your paint program, but the only thing that should be saved is your new capris (don't save anything else) then upload your new capris and enjoy!

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